A Final Bird Series From The Lake

I’m sitting here today in Delaware, creating this post while it is snowing outside.  It is beautiful!  We’re to get maybe 5″.  The forecast changed constantly all day, there was a chance of 10″ at one time.  Glad it’s to be less!

Back in November, as beautiful and warm as it was at Lake Greenwood, SC, I should have known I would have way more photos of birds to share than I originally thought once I finished up going through them.

To end my lake series, here are some of the other birds that were in abundance if you just stopped, looked, and listened.

Early morning was the best time to see Eagles passing over.

 _dsc0014-1-111416Juvenile American Bald Eagle


The evenings were great to see the flocks of Cormorants high in the sky.




And both early morning and at sunset, you couldn’t miss hearing the Loons calling and seeing them at a distance.

_dsc0326-1-111416Common Loons


At any time during the day, the Turkey Vultures were overhead.  Sitting in my chair, they would fly towards and over me, checking me out.  For what, I don’t know, hope they didn’t think I was dinner.

_dsc0099-1-11916Turkey Vulture


The sparrows were flitting around everywhere, and boy did I have a hard time capturing any of them.  I did like this Chipping Sparrow shot with the background colors.

_dsc0411-2-111416Chipping Sparrow


I could hear Mallards down the lake along the shoreline, but they never swam close to our floating docks as I had seen in the past.  I did luck out one time when I heard them coming and caught them in flight passing by me.

_dsc0108-1-111516Mallard Ducks


Always a cutie, there were quite a few Eastern Phoebes high up in the trees, enjoying the sunshine.

_dsc0279-1-111416Eastern Phoebe


_dsc0303-1-111416Eastern Phoebe


Or even down by the floating docks.  As long as no one was around there.

_dsc0094-1-111816Eastern Phoebe


Finally, with my birds, I took a bunch of photos of the resident Northern Mockingbirds, they were every where, trying to protect their territory areas.  My favorites of them were of this one who I had been photographing sitting on his perch.  He/she took flight in my series.  I was headed towards that perch to look for other birs when he/she returned, obviously from bath time.

_dsc0222-1-111416Northern Mockingbird

Drying in the warm breeze, looking quite pretty!

_dsc0241-1-111416Northern Mockingbird


To end this post, I’d like to share a colorful moth that challenged me for a while….

dsc_5843-1-111616Long-tailed Skipper (thank you Shannon!)


and another close-up of a flower I missed sharing in a previous post.


We left the lake just before Thanksgiving and headed back to the mid-Atlantic region for the holidays to be with our families.  We’re still here as I mentioned, now enjoying this snowfall, but as I said, not the cold!


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