FMTM52Week Challenge – Week 6 – Lazy Days

This week’s FMTM52Week Challenge is titled “Lazy Days”.

Having the challenge in the back of my mind all weekend, I saw and took this photo of my ‘granddog’, Rocky, in his stretched out, lazy-style position.

Ahhhhh, to have the lazy-day life of this dog.  Happy.  Sweet.  Lovable.  Funny.  And spoiled!


Rocky plays second-fiddle now in the household to the two grandsons, but I still give him as much attention as I can.  He is great with the boys, and I enjoy being around him.  When he plays with me or stretches out like this, he definitely makes me laugh!


20 thoughts on “FMTM52Week Challenge – Week 6 – Lazy Days

  1. Great photo!. I’m so glad to see that someone else has a ‘granddog’. Ours are in NC and we love to visit them – a walker hound and a hound mix.

  2. I’m behind on commenting as usual. HA! We had the same idea for Lazy Days! Love the pooch, adorable! Sheila

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