Yellow-rumped Warblers

While most warblers migrate to the tropics in the fall, the Yellow-rumped Warbler is able to survive in parts of the United States as far north as Seattle and New England during fall and winter.

The Yellow-rumped Warbler is the only warbler that has the ability to digest waxes found on berry coatings, making them versatile in switching their diets from insects to berries as cold sets in.


_DSC0293-1 102114


Yellow-rumped Warblers are highly recognized by the yellow patches on their sides and rump.


_DSC0005-1 101914


They are nicknamed by some as “Butterbutts”.Β  The next photo shows why!




Always nice to see little flits of yellow patches in the trees!


27 thoughts on “Yellow-rumped Warblers

    • You’re welcome, I hope you sight many one day! If you know berries (I don’t!), their favorite fruit is bayberry and wax myrtle, but will also commonly eat berries from juniper, poison ivy, poison oak, greenbrier, grapes, Virginia creeper, and dogwood.

  1. Great captures, Donna! And some interesting facts, to go with the pictures! Thank you for sharing!

    • Thanks Steve! I try to learn at least one thing about each bird that I photograph; and I figure maybe sharing interesting facts, someone else might learn as well. Glad it’s working! πŸ™‚

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