Prime Hook NWR – 2017 Fall Foliage

I visited Prime Hook National Wildlife Refuge in Delaware this past weekend and photographed not only birds but also the beginnings of the fall foliage.  It was so refreshing to see the splashes of yellow, orange, and red.

DSC_7210-1 11517


DSC_7213-1 11517


_DSC0079-1 11517


DSC_7194-1 11517


DSC_7209-1 11517


DSC_7191-1 11517


DSC_7201-1 11517


DSC_7222-1 11517“Hidden Beauty”


DSC_7224-1 11517


DSC_7239-1 11517


DSC_7248-1 11517

Even Poison Ivy turns colorful in the fall.  Makes it easy to spot to stay away!


DSC_7257-1 11517


DSC_7258-1 11517

Empty Osprey nest in tree, hopefully survives through the winter to be occupied by Osprey once again.


DSC_7217-1 11517


DSC_7260-1 11517


I got lucky spotting a few White-tailed Deer (females) roaming about eating.

_DSC0567-1 11517


_DSC0581-1 11517


I’ll share the birds I photographed at Prime Hook NWR in my upcoming posts.

Well, geez, I could share one now, right?  🙂  Okay!


The Tufted Titmouse lives year round in much of the eastern half of the United States in woodlands below 2,000 feet elevation.  They are also common visitors at feeders and can be found in backyards, parks, and orchards.

_DSC0334-1 11517

Tufted Titmouse

An interesting fact, Tufted Titmice often line the inner cup of their nest with hair, sometimes plucked directly from a live animal including raccoons, opossums, mice, woodchucks, squirrels, rabbits, livestock, pets, and even humans.

More Prime Hook NWR birds coming……


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