Great Blue at Bombay Hook NWR

One final bird from my visit to Bombay Hook NWR.  A Great Blue Heron, and as some of you know, it is one of my favorites.  I got out of the car for this one and perched myself along the water bank.

He was the perfect model.  My challenge was the lighting.  He was in the shade with some sunlight filtering through.  Great practice, I thought.

DSC_7717-1 112017


A stopped car along the wildlife drive means others are going to stop.  See what you are seeing and what they might be missing.

I heard that first car stopping behind me.

So before someone scared him off, I slowly moved a little closer.

DSC_7676-1 112017


He did not mind me.  He did not mind the other photographer I could hear behind me now, clicking off some shots.   His new interest became what caught his eye in the water below.

DSC_7724-1 112017



Well, he stayed in that pose a bit but never struck anything.  Finally, he just curled himself back up and froze in time.  He and I heard another car stopping.

DSC_7728-1 112017

And that was my cue to thank him and head back to my car, wondering how I had done.  Didn’t matter, I enjoyed just being there, watching him for a while before I headed back out of the refuge and onto my errands.

Always fun though to do a little side trip for a little birding when you can sneak it in.  This quick side trip netted two lifers.  Awwww….life is good!


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