Brown Pelicans

Hubby and I have “flown the coop”, or “migrated”, from the mid-Atlantic Chesapeake Bay region for the winter.  (Either pun works!)

We are now along South Carolina’s Atlantic coastline.  The purpose was to escape the mid-Atlantic for a warmer winter a little further south.  Well, that fell flat on it’s face at the start, we got to ride through the Nor’Eastern winter snow/ice storm that hit South Carolina hard.

Temps continue to improve.  Today was 66 degrees and gorgeous.  Yay!

Probably one of the first birds everyone sees when they reach the SC coast is the huge, bulky, yet elegant, Brown Pelican in flight.

_DSC0159-1 1418

Brown Pelicans live along southern and western sea coasts.  They are fairly common today—an excellent example of a species’ recovery from pesticide pollution that once placed them at the brink of extinction.

_DSC0006-2 1318

Their wingspan can reach over 6 feet (200 cm).

_DSC0039-1 1818

Flocks (or “Squadrons”) glide above the surf, rising and falling in a graceful echo of the waves.

_DSC0006-1 1918

I took all of these photos from our balcony.

Well…..I cannot end without an ‘end’ of a Brown Pelican.

_DSC0005-1 1318

I hope to find these unique beauties perched somewhere while here for some profile shots to later share!


28 thoughts on “Brown Pelicans

  1. Donna: I’ve always loved photographing the Pelicans whenever we’ve visited some of the FL beaches. Love the way they glide over the ocean surface, and always try to catch them is a steep dive into the water to go fishing. Your close-up shot (3rd photo) has FANTASTIC lighting!!!

  2. Sending lots of sympathy for the nasty weather you encountered. Looks like its improving now. Great pelican shots. We occasionally see them skimming the waves out here, but mostly at a distance. Not close enough for a good shot.

  3. Donna your side of the world is freezing while ours cooks, certainly extreme weather days. Good you both got to get away despite the weather following you. Your brown Pelican is not unlike our Aussie ones but for colour of plumage. They are quite clever birds when looking for food. Have a great week!

    • Thanks Ashley! It seems crazy when I read your posts and you mention a heat wave while we’re freezing. The snow storm was rare for where we’re at, so hopefully we don’t see another one before departure. To be happy with our temps here, all we have to do is look at temps at home, and then we smile. 🙂 I’ll be searching for more Pelicans perched some where. I love their beaks!!

  4. Some pretty terrific shots. I especially like the four birds skimming along with the wave and the solo shot above them with that really fantastic lighting.

  5. The Pelicans are such fun to watch and you’ve captured some great shots of their antics. So glad for us all that the weather has improved.I hope you continue to enjoy your temporary home and the area birds.

    • Thanks Ellen! Glad the weather has improved for your area, we’ve watched the news and it’s been terrible for you. I haven’t ventured out for birds yet, too busy going places with hubby, who’d prefer to not go birding. 😉

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