Shrimp Boats & Gulls

Early January we observed two working South Carolina shrimp boats trawl up and down the coastline.  January?  I had to look that up to confirm.

South Carolina’s growing shrimp usually remain in estuaries inland until the water temperature falls to 60-65 degrees.  At that time, they move into the lower reaches of sounds, bays, and river mouths where they gather in large numbers.  Migration into the ocean then occurs during the large tides associated with the new and full moons.

I took these photos during the Supermoon days early January.  The frigid cold air was arriving, water temperatures were falling.  Maybe we observed when an anticipated shrimp migration was occurring.

The shrimp boats worked all day…..

DSC_7865-1 123017

…..and they worked all night.

_DSC0077-1 122917

The shrimp boats even worked side by side.

_DSC0133-1 123017

Where there were shrimp boats…..

_DSC0159-1 123017

….there were birds.  Primarily pelicans and gulls.

The next is my favorite photo of the shrimp boats.  I enjoyed trying to compose captures of them.

_DSC0034-2 122917

The birds were smart.  Fresh shrimp to eat.  Those gulls wanting to eat alone and not be chased/bothered brought their catch to the shore.

_DSC0007-1 122917

Yes, there were shrimp out there.

DSC_7840-1 122917


DSC_7846-2 122917

I love shrimp.  You’d think they could have shared with me!




28 thoughts on “Shrimp Boats & Gulls

  1. Marvelous shots of the shrimp boats (and they don’t even have feathers! 😀 ) I loved the different colors of the sky, especially the orange sky, but to be honest I think I preferred the one without sky, but all the birds trailing after the boat. Very nice series indeed.

  2. I can see why that golden shot is your favorite – it’s a beauty. Our friends brought us two pounds of Texas Gulf Coast Shrimp. They would’ve brought me more if I had the freezer space…. sigh! Even though the gulls wouldn’t share, I’m sure you’ll find a boat to get your own 🦐 Yum!

    • Thanks Ingrid! There are two highly regarded seafood market shops that sell fresh daily. I haven’t bought any yet but have been enjoyed eating them while out. I’m in love with shrimp and grits! 🙂

  3. I really like the golden shot too, but not because of the color. When viewing it on my phone and enlarging it to tight crop I see a giant gull that has just landed on the water, or is just getting ready to take off. 🙂 The color is nice too.

    • Thanks David. I had to go back and look for that gull, lol. He’s coming or going, not sure either! 🙂 The birds stuck with the boats, I’m not sure how they could still be hungry though, lol.

  4. Lovely seaside picks Donna, Yum, I’m sure the birds were enjoying the shrimp as much as we would also. I love seeing the way sea birds follow the fishing boats. have a great week!

    • Thanks Ashley! I know they were! Without me, lol. I’ve been out tasting the shrimp cuisine locally so it’s all good! 🙂 Yes, I loved watching the birds follow, when the boats were close enough, I could hear how noisy they were. Good noise!

    • Thanks Hien! I must confess, I’m cheating….I’ve been taking the last posts from a balcony where we’re staying in SC. Yes it was cold, but I got to quickly slip back inside for warmth! 😉

  5. Wow! Great photos! Like you I like the one late in the day (or early morning?) with the sun on the boat. I also love the birds on the beach feasting on shrimp. Thanks for sharing this adventure with us!

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