Osprey Fishing

It wasn’t long after arriving to the South Carolina coast when I spotted a bird flying obviously familiar yet different from the gulls and pelicans.

It was an easy ID sighting of my favorite bird, the Osprey.  Since that first one, I’ve seen more.  They fish along the shoreline daily.

I’ve observed a few dive attacks, but so far have captured only one.  Definitely not the best, but for those that haven’t seen the talons out front on attack of a fish, the first photo gives the example.

_DSC0220-1 1418

_DSC0222-1 1418

_DSC0227-1 1418

_DSC0229-1 1418

“Geez, I thought you were much bigger!”

A couple days later, I didn’t even see the dive but shot much better photos of another Osprey with his catch as he flew by.

_DSC0008-1 1618

_DSC0010-1 1618

_DSC0011-1 1618

I used to observe an Osprey pair (Oliver & Olivia) daily for several years in my backyard along the Chesapeake Bay.  Their devotion raised a family each summer.  It was amazing to watch the family’s antics and growth.  And it was sad when they left to migrate south for the winter.  But then Spring returned to the Chesapeake Bay, and so did the Osprey!

Seeing Osprey during the winter here in South Carolina is surreal for me.  But I love it!


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