“Great” Buddies

I found these two fellas hanging out together, a Great Egret and a Great Blue Heron, soaking up some warm afternoon sunshine along a dock.

The Great Egret is almost as large as the Great Blue Heron.  So to clarify, the Great Egret is standing in the mud and not on the dock, making him appear much shorter.

(Got your back, Mr. Egret!)

Does this mean they’re “Great” buddies?

_DSC0027-0 11518

(Great Egret left, Great Blue Heron right)


_DSC0039-3 11518

“Who?  Us?  You talking about us?”

They were this day!


22 thoughts on ““Great” Buddies

  1. Nice shots! It isn’t unusual for me to see these two standing in close proximity out here, too. Must be some affinity involved I would think.

  2. They should be getting along well since they are cousins. The great egret is actually a heron. Great captures Donna. 🙂

  3. I always find it fascinating that birds of different species will share a space together, but two herons or two egrets would not last long in close proximity. Lucky you to see these two birds – and great photos! I can’t wait until our egrets return to the Chesapeake.

    • Thanks Susan! I too like finding two species alongside each other and enjoy getting photos of them. I always missed the Egrets leaving for the winter around the CBay, but thankfully the GBHs stay around. 🙂

  4. Looks like a lovely friendship here. I have seen this in other bird species where two different species of similar habitat become friends, especially if they are both loners.

    • Thanks Ashley. I do find it fascinating seeing two species together, living life without any hassles. 🙂 I went back there yesterday, and only the GBH was there. Hope they didn’t have a squabble after all! LOL 😆

    • Thanks Maralee! They are both beautiful. 🙂 I hope you can see more of the Great Egret someday, especially at breeding, their face around the beak emblazes neon green, it’s quite beautiful.

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