Catching Up With Those South Carolina Birds – Part 3

I’m still perusing back through my South Carolina birds images taken this past January to March and have a few more favorites to share.

_DSC0043-1 31118

Double-breasted Cormorants drying their wings


I happen to see again where Brown Pelicans took advantage of a Double-breasted Cormorant’s hard work fishing, by stealing his catch.

_DSC0256-1 2518

Brown Pelicans stealing a flabbergasted Double-crested Cormorant’s catch


The one Brown Pelican looked on while the other proceeded to swallow the stolen fish.  You can see the fish’s shape in the Pelican’s pouch as he shifts it around to swallow it whole.

_DSC0258-1 2518


_DSC0266-1 2518


Unfortunately I over-exposed on these next two shots but I still love the reflections.

_DSC0056-1 22018

Great Egret


_DSC0057-1 22018

Great Egret


I had so many photogenic opportunities with the Brown Pelicans.  They were very entertaining and I had a lot of fun with them.  Here’s another photo of the many I shared these past couple months.

_DSC0370-1 2518

Brown Pelican lookin’ pretty


I’ll end here, but it looks like I have a few more birds from South Carolina to create one more post in the near future.  🙂


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