An Osprey Meal

At Blackwater NWR, a female Osprey is watching while filling the refuge’s quietness with chirp……chirp….chirp…..chirp…..

_DSC0114-1 52418

Female Osprey brooding while watching & waiting on her mate to bring her a meal.


Her mate is in sight just across the way, perched in a tree with their meal.  He hears her.  But first, he will eat his part of the meal, the head of the fish.  The rest will be hers and any possible hatchlings.


_DSC0129-1 52418

Male Osprey eating the head off the fish before delivering it to his mate.  He’s looking across at his partner who is chirping for him to hurry up!


At another Osprey nest, a brooding female watches her mate eat right in front of her.  He, too, will eat just the head.

_DSC0159-1 52418

Another Osprey pair with the male eating the fish’s head before passing it over to his partner.


Word from Blackwater NWR is there appears to be hatchlings at their multiple Osprey nests, including the two above.  How wonderful for the Osprey!



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