Bald Eagles on the Choptank River

Wildlife and nature abounds up the quiet 71-mile Choptank River and its tributaries that feed off the Chesapeake Bay.

The wildlife includes Bald Eagles.  While boating up the river, we’ve seen several pairs perched along different stretches almost every time.  I’m pretty positive there are nests hiding in those trees, for me to locate later when the leaves fall.

_DSC0286-2 72018

Bald Eagle


_DSC0291-1 72018

Bald Eagle


_DSC0234-1 72018

Bald Eagle


Bald Eagles are year-round residents of the Chesapeake Bay.


_DSC0369-3 71718

Young adult Bald Eagle, still attaining its white head and tail


_DSC0267-1 72018

Juvenile Bald Eagle


_DSC0268-1 72018

Juvenile Bald Eagle


_DSC0269-1 72018

Juvenile Bald Eagle


_DSC0270-1 72018

Juvenile Bald Eagle


_DSC0235-1 62518

Bald Eagle cruising by!


These were just a few of the many I’ve photographed.  I’ll share more another time!


34 thoughts on “Bald Eagles on the Choptank River

  1. Beautiful shots of the eagle Donna. Our raptors in a similar way have the dark but more brown and white flecking in the juveniles. Some change yearly so one can determine their age before maturity. You certainly have mastered the lens with your many great flight shots. Have a wonderful week! 🙂

    • Thank you, Ashley! The juveniles here are born all dark, then it takes up to four years for them to get their signature white head and tail and golden yellow beak. Have a wonderful week balance and upcoming weekend! 🙂

    • Thank you, Jerry! We were idle in the water close to shoreline with that last shot, waiting for action . He came by out of nowhere and cruised by, I luckily caught him in two photos, the one I shared was the sharpest. Always great to get a cool background too! 🙂

    • Thank you, Hien! It’s such fun to float idle in the area we know the Eagles are and watch/wait for one to take flight. As I mentioned to Jerry, we were close to the shoreline, him whizzing by me was pure luck; and I love that I nailed it with such a cool background! 😉

  2. Beautiful! Your comment about seeing the nests when the leaves fall can also apply to squirrel and other bird nests as well. Thank heavens for our many trees that provide these safe homes!

  3. Great panning! I love eagles because they are so majestic and beautiful but not when they were around Bella and Beau.(all is relative) It is amazing what the leaves cover up and when I have found eagle nests have been amazed at their size. A couple overwinter here because of open spots on the river where they can still fish and hunt.

    • Thank you, Jane! I love Eagles, too, except around B&B, so understood! Wow, glad to hear you get to possibly see Eagles over the winter. We have them year round, but the population soars during our winters, so we are lucky then for sure!

  4. The Bald Eagle is a superb looking bird, as you’ve shown us today with your outstanding photos. What a majestic and powerful bird! Thank you Donna! 🙂

  5. Such beautiful birds. We had an extremely rare vagrant on Abaco last year, with several reports of sightings and one extremely distant photo. It caused a great deal of excitement, as you can imagine! RH

  6. All these shots are marvelous, but that last one gets my vote for favorite. We’re just back from our travels and I’m exhausted (probably coming down with a cold) though I have some serious catching up to do!!!

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