The Fish That Got Away

About a month ago while watching the Osprey, a Green Heron landed on the dock below their nest platform with a fish he had just caught.

He immediately decided to swallow it.

_DSC0363-1 73118

Green Heron preparing to swallow his catch.


_DSC0368-1 73118

Green Heron working the wiggly fish.


_DSC0370-1 73118

Down the hatch!


_DSC0372-1 73118

The wiggly fish pops back out of the Green Heron’s throat.


_DSC0373-1 73118

The fish that got away!


 _DSC0374-1 73118



_DSC0380-1 73118

“How’d that happen?”


The Green Heron just stood there bewildered.

After all that hard work catching that fish, I would be too.



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