Great Blue Herons

Great Blue Herons are in abundance around the Chesapeake Bay area year-round.  Lucky me!  They are one of my favorite birds to photograph.

Here are more of my favorite shots from the past summer not previously shared.

_DSC0503-1 71718

Great Blue Heron


_DSC0145-1 5918

Great Blue Heron


_DSC0287-1 71318

Great Blue Heron


DSC_9062-1 5918

Great Blue Heron


_DSC0176-1 5718

Great Blue Heron in landing mode


_DSC0216-4 5818

Great Blue Heron and his reflection


_DSC0387-1 71718

Great Blue Heron thru the marsh grasses


_DSC0261-2 71318

Great Blue Heron preening


_DSC0304-1 71318

Sometimes they tell a joke and we all have a good laugh!



41 thoughts on “Great Blue Herons

  1. Great shots, Donna! I especially love the one of him preening. As many photos as I have taken of gbh’s, I’m always excited to get another one. It never grows old! Thanks for sharing, and I’m glad you are ‘back in action’ behind the camera!

    • Thank you, Susan! I lean heavily on the preening shot myself as a high favorite. I bet your GBH photo library is as big as mine, busting at the seams on space! It’d take me a week or more to go through them all to pinpoint the ultimate favorites. That’s probably not even possible, now that I think about it, too many! 😉 Thanks for the welcome back too.

  2. Some magnificent shots Donna, and each one has its own individual peculiarity highlighting different aspects of the birds. Love the flight shot reflection pic. Thanks for sharing one of your favorite birds. Enjoy the rest of your week!

    • Thank you, Ashley! They are so majestic, I cannot pass up taking a photo of one. i have way too many favorites in my huge library of them. They were my Mom’s favorite bird well before I began bird photography, and she easily got me hooked on their beauty. It was so enjoyable sharing my captures with her. I hope she’s now out with me watching them each time. 🙂 I’m going to enjoy mine, heading to grandson #3 for couple days of love & laughter, I hope you’ll enjoy yours just as well!

  3. Fantastic shots of one of my favorite birds. We seem to have them year round here, but I made a discovery yesterday on my way north to one of the larger towns for shopping. It seems that they like to stand on old decaying pilings along a slough, but they hunker down so they almost look like part of the post (without the typical stretched neck pose). I can’t help but wonder how many times I might have passed them by without noticing when they were like that? I’ve also seen them flying up and down our creek at times, but I’m never fast or prepared enough to catch a shot. They seem to take a short cut over our house where there’s a bend in the creek. 😀

    My favorite of the series is the fourth shot, with the water for background really highlighting this magnificent bird.

    • Thank you, Gunta! Sounds like you have a place to visit here and there for the GBHs, nice! That shot of mine you liked, I could not believe how the colors came out for that day. It almost looks like a painting to me. 🙂

  4. Awesome pics Donna, very clear and detailed shots. I like watching birds like these when they hunt for food, they look like they’re walking on stilts and they have deadly precision!

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