American Robins in the Fall

When we see our “first Robin of Spring”, hopping and running, foraging for insects and worms, we get excited; we tell others “they’re back!”  We see it as one of the first signs that Spring is finally here.  Then by summer’s end, the American Robin disappears from our yards and parks, as many birds do.

Were you aware that the American Robin doesn’t migrate huge distances as many others?  They will spend their entire fall & winter in their breeding range throughout the U.S., maybe only just miles away from their nesting areas, flocking with other American Robins at places where there are trees & bushes laden with autumn and winter berries & seed to eat.


_DSC0267-1 102818.jpg

American Robin snacking on berries


_DSC0266-1 102818

Down the hatch!


_DSC0287-1 102818

American Robin – An Autumn Profile


So if you need a “Robin fix” and cannot wait until Spring, you can find them now if you look in the right berry-licious places!

(Photos recently taken at Blackwater NWR, Cambridge, Maryland)


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