Visitors At The Osprey Platform

After Osprey depart for migration in our region, their nest platform likely becomes a handy perch here and there for someone else.

Not an unexpected visitor, a Fish Crow stopped by, just checking to be sure no food was there to snack on and take a short break before scavenging on.

_DSC0124-1 91318

Fish Crow



“Hmmmm…..anything to nibble on?”                           “Darn, no snack….but nice view!”


There’s been a Belted Kingfisher flying around the creek, perching on the sailboat mast lines to fish.  I’ve been hoping he’d do a little perching on the platform.


_DSC0014-1 92518

Belted Kingfisher


_DSC0017-1 92518

Belted Kingfisher


_DSC0018-1 92518

Belted Kingfisher


The Belted Kingfisher was focused on fishing and gave me a few more photo ops.


“Hmmmm….I see you little fish.”                           Taking the plunge!  Did he succeed?


_DSC0026-1 92518

Belted Kingfisher with his successful catch!


Over the parking lot to perch on a light pole to gulp down the meal.


The Belted Kingfisher then quickly gets back in action to perch and fish some more.



This last captured visitor to date, a Merlin Falcon, was an exciting surprise!

_DSC0081-1 103018

Merlin Falcon



Look to the right.                                Look at Donna.                                Look to the left.


_DSC0152-2 103018

Merlin Falcon


_DSC0235-1 103018

Merlin taking flight


Who knows what other visitors have already or might perch at any time.  It’ll be interesting to keep watching and sharing throughout the fall and winter.

I do think we all know and agree that Bella, the Osprey Lady of the platform, would not approve of these trespasses!



31 thoughts on “Visitors At The Osprey Platform

  1. I agree, Bella would not be at all pleased! I look forward to your photos over the winter months. Perhaps Bella will return to the platform? I love how you did the look right, left and at Donna photos, a beautiful Falcon!

    The Belted Kingfisher, wow. A beauty! You captured his success beautifully. I’m not familiar with the Fish Crow but it seems obvious what they are up to! ❤️😎

    • Thank you, John! Bella will be back March 2019 if she defied the odds of migration, which we hope she does. 🙂 I’m expecting more visitors this fall/winter, I’ve seen an Eagle in the near vicinity couple days in a row, I’d love to see capture him on the platform!

    • Thank you, Steve! They come to me, ha! I’m heading out today to look for fall colors, not sure it’s quite time yet, or if too late and we lose them altogether because of the crazy weather. I’ve been watching for your Colorado photos, close to uploading yet?

  2. I can perceive mildly that you miss Beau, Bella and the teens. They’ll be back next year. Excellent gallery of pictures Donna. 🙂

  3. It’s almost as though you’re being served these visitors on a platter to photograph from your convenient perch. Thanks for sharing your great capture. I bet you’re having some great fun with these visits. Can’t wait to see who else might come by.

  4. Well I guess we can say the season for Osprey is well and truly over. As you know over here in the UK Osprey are a bird still on the recovery….I am told, though don’t yet have the numbers, that this year has seen both record numbers return and record number of successful hatchings. Love the Kingfisher….and its hair style 🙂

    • Thank you, David, Kingfishers do have cool hairstyles. 😉 Well……there are still a few sightings of Osprey around the Chesapeake Bay just a few days ago. 😊 Most likely they’re still migrating down from upper North U.S. But ours here are gone. Fantastic to hear the success of the UK Osprey! I hope the recovery continues strong next year!!

  5. Great shots Donna of kingfisher and Merlin. I wonder now that the Osprey are gone curiosity or a sense of ‘I always wanted to perch here ‘ may have given them a thrill. Have a wonderful week my friend 😊

    • Thank you! Would you believe since that post, I haven’t seen a single bird on the platform, lol. Bella must have put out notice no one is welcomed to her home while she is away. 😉 But I’ll keep watching!

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