Great Egrets

The last of my Great Egret captures taken at Blackwater NWR in the past couple months.

_DSC0194-2 5918

Great Egret


_DSC0200-1 5918

Great Egret


It’s amazing how white they remain, even when foraging in the muddy marshes.

_DSC0160-1 5718

Great Egret


_DSC0187-1 5718

Great Egret with a just-caught snack


_DSC0212-1 5718

Great Egret – snack gone in a gulp!


_DSC0286-1 5918

Great Egret


I’ve been back to the refuge three times in the past three weeks and no longer see any Egrets of any kind.  It looks like they’ve officially left for the fall/winter to warmer temperatures in the southern states of the U.S.



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