Blackwater NWR – Autumn Colors

After several days of clouds and cold, yesterday was to be a gorgeous day.  The plan was to look for autumn colors, see if Mother Nature had started any gorgeous displays around me yet, or were they going to fizzle out from the funky weather patterns we’ve had recently.

I headed to Blackwater NWR.  If the colors were right, water reflections would be a added bonus.

Leaving, I was ‘wowed’ with our community’s entrance.

DSC_1174-1 11418.jpg


Autumn color displays at Blackwater NWR are still in the beginning stages.  There are a few areas that have gotten off to a great start.

DSC_1254-1 11418


DSC_1223-1 11418


_DSC0613-1 11418


DSC_1245-1 11418


DSC_1234-1 11418



_DSC0623-1 11418



_DSC0625-1 11418



_DSC0146-1 11418


_DSC0147-2 11418



_DSC0157-2 11418

Do you see the smiling pumpkin?  (no touch-up)


_DSC0780-1 11418


DSC_1230-1 11418


The above bird house was where I decided I wanted to be for the golden hour.

DSC_1269-1 11418

The Golden Hour


Our upcoming weather isn’t too promising so I am glad I tried today with autumn shooting.

Were there any birds?  Hmmmmm…..stay tuned!




36 thoughts on “Blackwater NWR – Autumn Colors

  1. That’s so pretty! It’s my favorite season, I love the colors of Earth in Autumn. Thank you Donna. 🙂

  2. Gorgeous colors and phtoos! Definitely worth getting out before the rain came. My favorite is the one AFTER the one with the ‘pumpkin’. Beautiful reflections!

  3. Looks quite promising… my favorite was the golden grasses with the red leaves 🍁 (just above the birdhouse). Great reflections, too!

    • Thank you, Ashley, it is! The Eastern Shore area that I live in is mostly marshes and swamps so we have A LOT of evergreens, mostly pines. So we have to get a bit creative here with the displays, unlike those in the mountains throughout the U.S. They get the major displays of glorious artwork all over. 🙂

  4. Thanks for providing me with a ‘fall fix’. By spending the year in AZ, I missed out on autumn colors. Nice job capturing the colorful beauty.

  5. The colors are beautiful! Much better than we had here in Michigan this fall. I hope that you’re able to get out with your camera soon to treat us to more of your wonderful images of fall as it progresses there.

  6. Love the fiery reds and oranges against the blue sky! And so sunny!. We have snow now and it looks like it is here to stay with temperatures of minus 10 degrees Celsius, which is a bit of an adjustment, I am shopping for winter boots and skin cream. 🙂

    • Thank you Jane! Oh my, no no no, snow already. You do have an adjustment to make, and ours will be coming in a few weeks I’m sure. And I am not looking forward to it. Stay warm!!

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