Wildlife In Passing

Just in passing, here are some recent wildlife photo ops in my errand travels.

_DSC0025-1 121218

White-throated Sparrow


_DSC0023-3 10-31-18

Bald Eagle shot luckily through a fairly clean windshield



_DSC0096-2 112118

Red-tailed Hawk


Bald Eagle on an Osprey nest platform (near Old Salty’s Restaurant on Hoopers Island where we were headed for dinner)


_DSC0046-1 121218

Blue Jay


_DSC0173-1 111618

White-tailed Deer (doe)


It is fun capturing nature, even on the run!



34 thoughts on “Wildlife In Passing

    • Thank you, Ashley! I could see a flock of Blue Jays in my front view so I pulled over quickly and stopped. That beautiful Blue Jay landed right on the fence post right out my window for me, but only for a moment. 😊

  1. Beautiful! This series (and your previous post with the beautiful sunsets) remind us to stop, take a moment to observe the beauty around us. Wishing you a happy holiday! πŸ™‚ ❀

    • I know what you mean, Blue Jays are quick birds who don’t like their photo taken! I got lucky on this one before he flew into the trees with the rest of the flock. HNY to you too, RH!

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