Canada Geese – A Reflective Landing

I captured this series one morning a few months ago.  A pair of Canada Geese had dropped down from the sky and proceeded to fly up the creek towards me…..and where the water was mirror-glass smooth.


DSC_3268-1 51819

Canada Geese coming in for a landing



DSC_3269-1 51819

Still incoming…..



DSC_3270-1 51819

Now ‘skidding’ on the water top to slow down



DSC_3271-1 51819

Still skidding…..



Then a splash when they put their bodies down into the water.


DSC_3273-1 51819

Canada Geese “Love Birds” visiting Cambridge Creek


Canada Geese mate for life with very low “divorce rates,” and pairs remain together throughout the year.



51 thoughts on “Canada Geese – A Reflective Landing

  1. Perfect touch down! Great photos, Donna! Having water as a background works pretty well for shots like these. 🙂

  2. Donna, this series is so beautiful! Being an airliner nut I see in your photos how we learnt to fly. The bird wingtips even have Winglets! 😍😎

  3. Awesome photos Donna! That water is definitely like glass and you got some beautiful perfect reflections in your shots.

    • Thank you, Sue! When the water is like that, I like watch for something to fly over it for a reflection. Feels good when it happens AND I didn’t mess up my focus and lighting. 😊

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