Palm Warblers


After summer breeding in Canada where there are no palm trees, Palm Warblers migrate to southern Florida and the Caribbean region for the winter season.


DSC_6645-1 1720

Palm Warbler – “No, I won’t look at you”
Big Cypress National Preserve


Though the Palm Warbler’s name might imply it is a tropical bird, it’s actually one of the northernmost breeding of all warblers (except for the Blackpoll Warbler).

They were named when the first specimen was collected on Hispaniola, a Caribbean island that happen to have a lot of palm trees.

In Florida, however, you’re more likely to find the Palm Warbler foraging in low shrubs and isolated trees.


DSC_6783-1 1720

Palm Warbler
Big Cypress National Preserve


I’ve fallen in love with my next close-up photo, with the soft colors framing the Palm Warbler.


DSC_6325-1 1120

Palm Warbler
Everglades National Park – Gulf Coast



34 thoughts on “Palm Warblers

  1. Beautiful photos, .Donna but that last one is exquisite! Beautiful composition! It’s funny that the bird is surrounding buch wicked thorns, but I’m sure he/she is adept at avoiding them. 🙂

  2. The last portrait is truly special, Donna. Aren’t you overcome with happiness when you view your photos on the big screen and realize that you captured a bird perfectly?! I know I am, and I love to re-live that avian encounter.

    • Thank you, Deborah! I really thought I failed to get a decent shot because how deep it was within the branches. I was elated when viewing this photo on my computer screen! 🙂

  3. That last close up is a beauty!!! So lovely to have them perch so cooperatively! Eric was stalking some Common Mergansers along a lagoon at the edge of the beach, when a Townsend’s Warbler caught his attention perched in a shore pine very close to him. We get a lot of Warblers here at the house, but they’re busy dodging in and out of the branches of the willows and alders, so too hard for me to find them, or get a chance to focus.

    We’re about to head out to the beach where we’ll be doing the Snowy Plover count…. it’s a beautiful day! Sunshine between storms.

    • Thank you, Gunta! I’ve captured very few Warbler species, they are so darn fast. I was elated with that last shot (and the next post coming up 😉 )

      Have an awesome time at the Snowy Plover count. I hope you score some photos!

  4. We are seeing Palm Warblers all over in recent weeks. Thanks for the very interesting story about how they were named, Donna! I also love that sweet photo that you favor – nice shot!

  5. Fantastic photos of the palm warbler, Donna, especially with it being so very flitty. Also enjoyed visiting these Florida venues with you, thank you.

  6. I just love your photos of the palm warbler, Donna. Yes, that last image is particularly stunning. Beautifully captured.

  7. It is quite challenging to get a glimpse of any type of warbler here. Such lovely images, and while I love all of them, the “second to last image” was my personal favorite 😀

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