Palm Warblers


After summer breeding in Canada where there are no palm trees, Palm Warblers migrate to southern Florida and the Caribbean region for the winter season.


DSC_6645-1 1720

Palm Warbler – “No, I won’t look at you”
Big Cypress National Preserve


Though the Palm Warbler’s name might imply it is a tropical bird, it’s actually one of the northernmost breeding of all warblers (except for the Blackpoll Warbler).

They were named when the first specimen was collected on Hispaniola, a Caribbean island that happen to have a lot of palm trees.

In Florida, however, you’re more likely to find the Palm Warbler foraging in low shrubs and isolated trees.


DSC_6783-1 1720

Palm Warbler
Big Cypress National Preserve


I’ve fallen in love with my next close-up photo, with the soft colors framing the Palm Warbler.


DSC_6325-1 1120

Palm Warbler
Everglades National Park – Gulf Coast



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