Great Egrets


Pure white elegance nicely describes the Great Egret.


DSC_6800-1 1720

Great Egret – “Please Don’t Eat The Daisies”


DSC_6564-1 1320

Great Egret – “Chillin’ in the Breeze”


DSC_7477-1 11620

Great Egret – “Standing Proud”


It boggles the mind to see our white birds, including the Great Egret, most always looking clean and pure.  How lucky for us!


DSC_7508-1 11620

Great Egret – “Focused”


This next 3-photo series is a Great Egret tucked in/under mangrove trees, who had snagged a small snack.

With the tight quarters, the Great Egret still easily gave the fish a slight flip to toss it down the hatch without hardly moving its head.  Great reflex and precision!


DSC_7519-1 11620

Great Egret – “Eyes on the Prize #1”


DSC_7520-1 11620

Great Egret – “Eyes on the Prize #2”


DSC_7521-1 11620

Great Egret – “Eyes on the Prize #3”


And then it was gone!



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