White Ibis

White Ibis are considered the most abundant wading bird in the Everglades.

Small flocks of White Ibis usually forage together in shallow areas with less than 8 inches of water, but they also love lawns and parks.


DSC_7257-2 11320

Adult White Ibis foraging a lawn in Everglades City


Did you know White Ibis are not born white?Β  They are mostly brown, slowing changing from brown to white patches as shown below, turning totally white before they turn one year old.


DSC_6397-1 1120

Immature White Ibis with a muddy beak from recent swamp foraging


Although their beaks curve down, it still looks like they’re throwing a lovely smile with those enchanting blue eyes.


DSC_7264-1 11320

Adult White Ibis


DSC_7050-1 1820

Immature White Ibis relaxing high up in a tree



42 thoughts on “White Ibis

  1. These are very numerous in FL. You can go to any golf course and find dozens of white ibises. Great captures, Donna. πŸ™‚

  2. Interesting. I think that last shot of the immature makes me think the youngster with his varying shades of tan is far better looking than the pure white. Likely better camouflage as well. I’m guessing you’re having a blast in this bird haven.

    • Thanks, Gunta! I agree, I think the immatures are quite beautiful with their coloring. I was thinking camouflage too was the reasoning. That last one looked quite proud of its beauty! πŸ™‚

    • Thank you, Jane! So many birds here, it can be overwhelming in some areas, trying to select which one looks composed the best in lighting to shoot. Still fun!! The White Ibis’ eyes are blue, and so very pretty. I’ll have to try for a nice close-up soon. πŸ™‚

  3. Great pictures and information! On my last trip to Florida I remember seeing them in a lot of parks, like in St Petersburg, where they seemed as tame and plentiful as pigeons.

  4. Nice images Donna! They are fun to photograph! One time in Florida there were about 50 at a gas station while we were getting gas. Seemed strange they were just grazing though the station.

    • Thank you, Christie! I’ve never seen a Black Ibis, I bet they are beauties! We also have the Glossy Ibis, almost the ‘inbetween’ in color of yours and our white one. πŸ™‚

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