White Ibis

White Ibis are considered the most abundant wading bird in the Everglades.

Small flocks of White Ibis usually forage together in shallow areas with less than 8 inches of water, but they also love lawns and parks.


DSC_7257-2 11320

Adult White Ibis foraging a lawn in Everglades City


Did you know White Ibis are not born white?  They are mostly brown, slowing changing from brown to white patches as shown below, turning totally white before they turn one year old.


DSC_6397-1 1120

Immature White Ibis with a muddy beak from recent swamp foraging


Although their beaks curve down, it still looks like they’re throwing a lovely smile with those enchanting blue eyes.


DSC_7264-1 11320

Adult White Ibis


DSC_7050-1 1820

Immature White Ibis relaxing high up in a tree



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