Black-necked Stilts

When birding, you just never know what surprises you might find, as in my sighting of a small group of Black-necked Stilts with those pretty long pink legs.


DSC_5622-1 31620

Black-necked Stilts



Black-necked Stilts


Passing by the area three days later, I saw a pair foraging there again.Β  This time colorful reflections were special.


DSC_5848-1 31920

Black-necked Stilts


DSC_5800-1 31920

Black-necked Stilts


DSC_5850-1 31920

Black-necked Stilts


DSC_5851-1 31920

Black-necked Stilts – they have red eyes!


And those long legs…..better to wade the deeper waters!

DSC_5808-2 31920

Black-necked Stilt



36 thoughts on “Black-necked Stilts

  1. Hello again Donna!
    So happy you could spend some time with these black-necked stilts!
    Such charming and unique birds❀️
    I had been looking forward to viewing black-winged stilts, but (understandably) the nature reserve where they often visit has been closed to the public due to the current situation. I do hope to get a glimpse of them once things settle down.
    Wishing you a great week ahead πŸ™‚

    • Thank you, Takami! I was quite surprised to find them, aren’t those long pink legs gorgeous?!! Need me a pair! 😍

      Be safe and stay well. Some day things will return to normal for us all. πŸ™

  2. I like the Black-necked Stilts, they make sounds like little dogs yapping. In fact, people call them “perritos” (Little dogs”) in South America. Gorgeous photos, my friend. πŸ™‚

  3. What a treat to open your post and see these beautiful black-necked stilts! They are one of my favorite birds, but I haven’t yet seen them this season up here in our area. I fear that we might not see them this year, as three of our favorite nearby wetland areas have been closed for various reasons. Enjoy their delightful behaviors, their singing, and hopefully they will nest and have adorable chicks to follow!☺️

    • Thank you!! I saw them again this morning while driving to go see those Rosies I just commented to you about. Said, “you guys gotta wait, I’ll be back!” Which I did return and stop for more stilt photos. πŸ™‚ All three times I’ve now found them there, they were hanging with Lesser Yellowlegs, or maybe the yellowlegs were hanging with the stilts, lol. Either way the yellowlegs looked so small alongside the stilts!

      • So interesting to compare birds when we see them in groups with other species, isn’t it? ☺️. I just saw a friend’s photo of a newly arrived Black-necked stilt here from a few days ago, but now, sadly, that area’s closed. Enjoy!!

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