Black-bellied Plover

Looking through my long lens, I knew I had something special when I saw this bird foraging way out on a sandbar a few days ago.


DSC_2126-0 51420


Welcome to my bird lifer list, #206 Black-bellied Plover!  They are the largest and heaviest of our North American plovers.

My crops are heavy but still good enough to ID thankfully.


DSC_2126-2 51420

Black-bellied Plover


Black-bellied Plovers are also the hardiest of the plovers, breeding farther north than others, all the way to the very top of the world.


DSC_2109-1 51420

Black-bellied Plover foraging


A widespread shorebird, the Black-bellied Plover is found on six continents.

I’m thinking, it’s about time I’ve photographed this beauty!



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