Eye of an Alligator


High on an embankment, I followed this American Alligator slowly floating along a canal.  I thought the water and reflections were pretty and added a nice touch.


DSC_7609-1 11920

American Alligator


The alligator slowed down to a stop.  So I stopped too, and remained still in my safe spot.  Good, I thought, now I can try some close-ups of its eye.

When I processed my photos, I was not expecting to find this….


DSC_7622-2 11920

Alligator’s Eye Reflecting Me #1


See me?

S/he started moving again, so again I slowly followed.  I had no idea that I had captured my reflection in the alligator’s eye.

In this next photo, you can see a wooden road barrier I am behind.


DSC_7713-1 11920

Alligator’s Eye Reflecting Me #2


The alligator floated eventually into the sunlit water, overexposing the scene so I turned around and left, hoping I got some good close-ups.  😊

(photos take January 2020, Big Cypress National Preserve Park, Florida)


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