Spotted Sandpiper


Last month, I had several opportunities with Spotted Sandpipers.  Here are my three favorites from the bunch.


DSC_0923-1 5320

Spotted Sandpiper “Habitat”


DSC_1245-1 5520

Spotted Sandpiper “Flight”


DSC_1044-1 5320

Spotted Sandpiper “Profile”




33 thoughts on “Spotted Sandpiper

  1. Donna, I’ve been following your posts since you lived just over the Route 50 bridge near Annapolis. You have brought me so many smiles in these crazy times. I’m looking forward to this year’s ospreys! Thank you so much for what you do! Denise Peach

    • Awwww……thank you so much for your long following, Denise, you brought a huge smile to my face! 😊 It makes me happy to know others enjoy my photos as much as I enjoy taking and sharing them. This year I’ll be missing the Osprey season action, so sorry! We’re doing a summer trip in our motorhome to the mid-west. But! For sure, I’ve got my eyes watching for any Osprey in my travels! Have a wonderful, safe summer!

  2. I checked from net do we have this bird in Finland: it has seen here twice. We have same kind of birds though. Thank you for sharing! Nice photos 😊

  3. Wonderful series of images! Here in Florida we don’t often get to see the “spots” of this sandpiper as it’s in non-breeding plumage. Love watching these birds hunt!

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