Mallards – Into The Sun


These three Mallards were photographed just before sunset last month.  I opted for B&W processing to highlight the wings a little nicer with the sun reflecting on them.


DSC_1761-1 51020

Mallards in Flight


I stayed with them for a short series; and they flew into the sun before I realized it.   In my last shot of the series, I found it a bit ‘artsy’ when a color spectrum appeared in the sky behind them.


DSC_1762-2 51020

Mallards Flying into the Sun


What fun to find other interesting things in your captures at download!



43 thoughts on “Mallards – Into The Sun

  1. A different way to process. In the first, I like how each duck is at a different stage in flight and as a group form the shape of an arrow. In the second image I like their placement and flying towards the light, with those pretty colours in the clouds from the refraction(I think that is what you call that).

    • Thank you, Jane, your eye was how I eyed both! The rest of the series I shot, there was no beautiful form in the three. Refraction, lol, I couldn’t think of the word!! 🙃

  2. Looks great, yes a bit artsy Donna, I guess all of our pics are works of art when said and done, as we capture the moment of the bird in time and space as the artist does with the brush and pallet.

    • Thank you, Ashley, you are quite right! Fine-tuning our skills to better our photography is a work of art. And then there’s the captures themselves that showcase our creativity!

  3. Hah! Do like I have learned to do. Just say, “I meant to do that”! Then launch into a discussion of experimenting with light, knowing your equipment, etc. If anyone is left in the room, get to know them – they are die hard birders or photographers!

    Very nice images, Donna!

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