Northern Cardinal


A top favorite of mine, the Northern Cardinal.  This one landed off to my left while I was photographing all those egrets at the refuge last week.

Cardinals are my favorite color, and they are a spiritual comfort to me. (post)  It was a special moment! ❤️


DSC_9329-1 21321

Northern Cardinal (male)

“Cardinals appear when angels are near.”



43 thoughts on “Northern Cardinal

  1. Nice Donna! They are very colorful and fun to photograph! And I liked the special meaning they have for you! I have to remember that saying when I see or photograph one!

  2. When I visited Ontario 2 years ago, I head them all the time but the foliage was too thick to see anything. A female Cardinal was spotted in Alberta a couple of weeks ago, of all places. Like your photo and the saying. I hope Cardinals always bring you comfort.

  3. Your mom was sharing a wonderful moment with you. 💕 I have a similar connection with mourning doves and my mother. They started showing up for me after she died almost 30 years ago and I always felt her comforting presence with them. They used to keep me company when I was gardening. That was so special to have your cardinal angel with you that morning. And you got a beautiful photo. I love the contrast of the red bird and the white branches…

    • Thank you for sharing your story with mourning doves. 🥰 It’s wonderful how we find little comforts in life when losing someone special. I hope there are many more Mourning Doves in your future!

  4. Angels must be all around us. We see the Cardinal (male and female) daily
    and think nothing of it anymore. We know now they bear their young here regularly.
    Great photo Donna

  5. What a wonderful memory and story. As it happens we are inundated with cardinals at our feeders this winter – more than I have ever seen here in any previous year. They are definitely beautiful and they definitely do not share the feeder willingly.

    • Thank you, Susan! I’d love to have a yardful of cardinals, glad to hear you’re seeing more! I hope you’ve been able to get some shots of them in the snow, they are stunning against the white. 🙂

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  7. ( lovely post ) side note I have a cardinal couple that comes to my yard… I’m from British Columbia but now live in Pennsylvania… so seeing them is a rare treat… as they aren’t a west coast bird.. them and the blue jay ( I’m used to the stellar jays over the blues)..haha sorry enough enabling over the birds I’m seeing on the east coast.

    • Thank you! How awesome for you to now get to experience the bright and colorful Cardinals and Blue Jays we have on the East Coast. I have seen/photographed the Stellar Jay when I was out west in 2016, that is also a gorgeous Jay. 🙂

  8. Beautiful photos to express a beautiful sentiment, Donna. Thank you for the link to your previous post – somehow I missed it, I wasn’t able to click on it just now to like it and comment. What a beautiful way to remember your mom.

    • Thank you, Denise! I had a link to a previous post that told the story when I see a Cardinal, it immediately makes me think of my Mom who I lost suddenly six years ago. The Cardinal comforted me at her passing, and still does today. 🙂

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