Crab Abstract


I got distracted while birding yesterday.  It happens!  😏

I took this photo from the Briggs Boardwalk, shooting down into the orange-colored water below me.  Everything in the water looked orange.  Including this Blue Crab who should really be blue/green.

This is the actual photo.  I did not do any editing other than darken the exposure a bit to see the crab better.  There are no filters applied.  With the water’s dancing movement, the reflections of the marsh grasses directly behind the crab and the blue sky created an abstract of interesting lines and colors.


DSC_1203-1 22221

Blue Crab (orange in color)


There were several ‘orange’ Blue Crabs running around in the foot of water.  With everything laying in the water looking the color orange, I’m guessing there was a high concentration of iron in that specific area.  Along the rest of the boardwalk and other water/wetland areas, the rest was the normal dark brown/black, brackish coloring.

I have a fondness for blue crab decor, so I totally love this cool, nature-created abstract!



43 thoughts on “Crab Abstract

  1. You have an artistic eye, Donna. Try more of that. You’ll be surprised. Good work! πŸ™‚ πŸ‘

  2. I love the picture! I guess you could pretend that it is a Sally Lightfoot crab – they are bright orange. I love the abstract pattern and the way the light hits the ripples. I have taken a couple of really neat abstract photos looking straight down into the water and catching the reflection of leaves. It’s always amazing the image that is created.

    • Thank you, Susan! We laughed while watching three blue crabs, it was like seeing them as cooked/steamed and crawling around. A bit creepy too, but amazing! It is fun to shoot down in the water with ripples. P.S. We are missing our Chesapeake Bay blue crab cakes so bad!

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