Common Myna


What a great surprise to spot a pair of birds that I recognized their ID from blogging friends’ posts in other countries.

Welcome to my bird lifer list #220, the Common Myna!  Native to southern Asia where it is among the most common species, the Common Myna has been widely introduced elsewhere in the world, including Australia, New Zealand, Hawaii, and Florida.


DSC_1467-1 22321

Common Myna


DSC_1492-1 22321

Common Myna


DSC_1504-1 22321

Common Myna


Between these two birds, they gave perfect ops for profiles and flight.  It can’t get any better than that with a new lifer!  😊



43 thoughts on “Common Myna

  1. MMM not a bird we like to see Donna. They tried culling them in the nations capitol, but they breed like flies and drive out the good native birds. We call them Indian Mynas here to distinguish them from our native also aggressive Noisy Miner.which thankfully drive the Commons out of our neighborhood. This was also the most common bird I also saw in Israel.

  2. Wow Donna, what fantastic shots. I especially like the bird in flight. Fantastic. Congratulations of a great spot and great shots.

  3. Congratulations to the Lifer # 220! I never knew that you could find them in Florida! Good looking bird. Great shots too. πŸ™‚ β™₯️

  4. Great pics Donna, especially the one in flight. The common myna is quite a striking looking bird, it looks like it means business! It has an interesting song too. Unfortunately they are an invasive pest here in Australia, although they are rarely seen here in Tasmania where I live.

    • Thank you, Sue! I read they were an invasive species, so I’m guessing they may become so in Florida in the future years, and possibly move north into other states the U.S.

  5. Congratulations on spotting a handsome common myna! I wonder, though, since they’re in the same bird family as starlings, if they will become as much of as a problem here to native birds in their new home…

    • Thank you, Barbara! I know this species is invasive and since introduced to Florida, they will probably multiply and eventually become a pest here too. They are handsome, though!!

    • It is really neat to hear a bird is too common in one country, and not in another. I just looked at your Jungle Myna, very similar! One day, Florida may be saying the CMyna has become a pest problem. Still, I loved seeing it and adding a lifer! πŸ˜‰

  6. Yes, common to see these in the north of the North Island where I grew up in NZ. They’re not down here in the south of the South Island where I am nowadays.

    • Thank you! They are about the size of a grackle or crow. They are actually part of the Starling family, but bit larger than the European Starling. I should have mentioned that in my post. πŸ™‚

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