A Peek At Glacier National Park


After trying daily at 8:00 am MDT for weeks to purchase an online $2/7-day ticket to enter Glacier NP, I finally succeeded for this week, whew.  The 375 tickets available each day would sell out in the first minute.

The park is beyond crazy-crowded, and the Visitor Centers have long lines; so we’ve only been sight-seeing from our car and at viewpoint parking areas/pullouts.  Which, of course, does not disappoint!

Here’s a peek through my lens into Glacier NP, taken at an unmarked pullout along the famous ‘Going-To-The-Sun Road‘ scenic drive.  You can see the road we came from on the right, half way up the foreground mountain.  The skies are oh-so smoky….


DSC_1117-1 72721

Late July Wildflowers and Smoky Skies – Glacier National Park


It’ll take some time to review my 800+ photos already taken, and I really want to wait.  There’s not much hope with the smoke forecast that one of the next couple days clears up to go back in, so I’ll be trying again on Sunday to buy another ticket for another week before we leave the area.  To get clearer photos would be so much better to share, we’ll see!

In the meantime, I’ve got plenty to go back to and share of photos taken in previous weeks…..  🙂


43 thoughts on “A Peek At Glacier National Park

  1. Heartfelt sympathy for the smoky skies! 🙏 It just makes my heart ache that you’re missing out on the mind boggling beauty to be seen and experienced at that very special location! Sending hope for helpful winds… that blow the nasty smoke away.

    • Awwww….thank you, dear Gunta! We’re supposed to get some rain on Sunday, so I’m getting a bit hopeful! 🙂 Our best day this week was on Tuesday, some areas along the GTTSRoad were a little clearer than others, maybe the way the smoke settles, not sure. The scenes were still jaw-dropping gorgeous. Fingers crossed one more decent day comes before we roll outta here! 😉

  2. Wow, we had to do the same thing to get a Zion shuttle tickets. But I was able to snag one. Bummer that the sky is cloudy there. Still, we can see that it IS beautiful!!

    • Thank you, Indira!! Worldwide news shows the anguish of not enough vaccine shots for so many countries. I think of you often, I pray you and your family are doing well thru this covid. 🙏

  3. Woot! You scored a ticket!! I hope you are able to get another one for the following week too. It’s beautiful from this pullout! I love that you are there now when spring wildflowers are in bloom there.

  4. How challenging and frustrating it must be for you. An opportunity of a lifetime that may all go up in ‘smoke’ in the sky. However, the photo you posted is beautiful!

    • Thank you, Susan! Late today and tomorrow we expected to get rain, hoping that’ll clear up the skies some. I just scored another week ticket, so we’ll see! I can see us returning here another year, going to be in early/mid June next time before the heavier wildfire season is underway.

    • The crowds are worse for sure. 😉 The smoke has provided a different beauty to the park, so I’m rolling with the punches. Some rain is forecast late today and tomorrow so hopefully it’ll clear up a bit, fingers crossed! And I just scored my second week ticket this morning, yay!

  5. I know this is only a sample, I hope that you’ll awe us with some of the 800 pictures as always. I’ll wait! Thanks, Donna. 🙂

    • Thank you, Barbara! Yes, lol. Or like trying to stand in line for lysol and toilet paper last year, ugh. 😉 I was able to start trying again yesterday for another week ticket and lucked out on this morning’s try, yay!! Rain tonight/tomorrow might do some clearing, fingers crossed!!

    • Even the sunsets haven’t been wonderful. If I can get myself up in time, there have been some beautiful sunrises though! I’ve enjoyed them from my RV window, in the quiet, sipping my morning coffee. 🙂

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