Beartooth Highway Wildflowers


Here’s a gallery of wildflowers captured along the Beartooth Highway that winds through both Montana and Wyoming, taken earlier this month.  Many were living above the 9,500 feet, beautifying the alpine tundra with color.

Any help from anyone that may know one or more names is much appreciated!


I hope these brightened your day!


54 thoughts on “Beartooth Highway Wildflowers

  1. What a wonderful variety of wildflowers! Maybe we should just leave all of our gardening to Mother Nature! Thanks for capturing and sharing these beauties!

  2. Donna, thanks for brightening my day. It has been a few years since I traveled the Beartooth highway. My wife left Cody for Billings, and we traveled both the Chief Joseph and Beartooth highways. An amazing journey!

    • So happy to brighten your day! We’ve not done the Chief Joseph highway but would love to some day. Most definitely scenic drives worth seeing, just jaw-dropping gorgeous. 🙂

  3. Definitely brightened my day, Donna. Such beautiful flowers, something I adore, as you know. Though I recognized a few genus and families, I’m not confidently familiar with alpines. I did comment on a few of the individual flower images.

  4. I always said, “Birds are colorful flowers which can fly”, also, “Flowers are colorful birds which can’t fly” They both are beautiful! Thanks, Donna. Apparently we were thinking flowers for today’s post. 🙂 🌺

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