Eagle Family and Their Marsh

The 40-acre marsh on Chesapeake Farms is filled with tree stumps and logs, perfect for wildlife perching to eat, rest or fish.

I’m not sure who outnumbered who at any given moment while viewing the marsh one morning, the Great Blue Herons or the Bald Eagles.

I even scored two shots of both in one frame, which was neat to show size comparison between the two species.


Great Blue Heron stalking behind a Bald Eagle


Great Blue Heron stalking behind an immature Bald Eagle


My e-bird daily email had told me seven Eagles had been seen at once here.  That’s what drew me to want to visit to check out.  At one time, I was fortunate to see six Bald Eagles either perched or flying.  It was very exciting!

As I watched them flying during my two visits, I noticed several times one of the Eagles would fly down to land into the same area of pine trees.  I suspect there is a nest in there.

Here are more perching photos.


Bald Eagles


Bald Eagle (immature)


Bald Eagle


Bald Eagle (immature)


Bald Eagle


I was also able to get lots of flight photos.  I guess you know what else I will be sharing soon!  😉


43 thoughts on “Eagle Family and Their Marsh

  1. Donna, these are wonderful! We plan to go up there on Monday. Do you think I need to call first to make sure they are open?

    • Thank you, Susan! I really don’t think you need to call, but since you’re coming an hour’s drive, it wouldn’t hurt. I have driven by the entrance every day since I’ve gone, and the gate is always open. They do close it for sure at dusk, I’ve seen that too. It’s a working farm still, so farm hands in trucks enter/depart, drive around, also there are a couple residences along the drive that are marked private as you pass them.

  2. I bet I know where your going to be going for Baldies Donna!
    If that lake can support such a good sized population of Eagles and BH, that means that lake is rich in fish! Which means that humans must not be able to get a boat into it to fish it out!

    • For sure, up until October 10! This private marsh/wetland is on a private farm, they close it for the winter until April 10. Definitely no boating here! It’s full of logs and stumps.

  3. It is remarkable how well camouflaged herons are, their coloring makes them nearly invisible. Six eagles – I still marvel that folks woke up in time to save them from extinction.

    • GBHs are excellent at blending in, I got surprised several times with them in their stealth mode. One of the two photos with the GBH and Eagle was a surprise when I downloaded, I didn’t see the GBH when shooting, lol. So glad Eagles and Osprey were saved in time. They are both amazing birds.

  4. Oh, my goodness! I think I would have been jumping up and down from excitement to see so many in one place and very successfully scared them all away. 😂 Fantastic shots.

    • I bet if I opened my door, they would have!! Rule at this private farm’s wildlife drive: not allowed out of your car. I shot these all from my car window. With their powerful eyesight, I could see them many times looking right at me. 😳 Bet they wondered, what the heck is that one-eyed thing? 😂 Thanks, Irene!

    • Thank you, Simon! I even had a GBH photo-bomb an eagle-perched shot, lol. There were quite a few GBHs, which I have missed while traveling, so they have been a treat too. Oh boy, I was super-thrilled getting two different photos, both with a GBH and an Eagle! 😊

  5. You live on a gold mine! Great shots, and I almost missed the stalking Great blue Heron in the first image. Is this your farm or a community farm? Are you still residing near the bay?

    • Thank you, Jane! It is a 3,300 acre privately owned farm; the owners created the wildlife drive to share with the public, spring thru fall. You must stay in your car, stay on the dirt road and follow their signs. So I shot all of these from my car window. 🙂 Yes still near Chesapeake Bay, we just relocated to Rock Hall, Maryland. This wildlife drive/farm is 4 miles from me right now, and will be 8 miles from me in about two years when we move yet again into the house we will start building next Spring. We are making permanent roots here for our retirement location. We are already very happy and feel in our heart we’ve made the right decision!

    • Thank you, Ted! This morning I made my third trip back and found this marsh flooded from the heavy rains we had few days ago. Not a single stump or log out there. And no one visiting but one GBH. Bummer for me, but I’m sure it’s good to fill up for the upcoming fall/winter waterfowl that will utilize it. 🙂

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