Oliver & Olivia Endures Stormy Weather

What a week of weather!  Oliver and Olivia have endured some strong thunderstorms while keeping their clutch protected and nest strong.  There were a couple of times I feared the worse not seeing neither in the nest but was quickly relieved to spot an occasional head pop up in the midst of the wind and pouring rain.  Whoever was in the nest each time was down very low and tight keeping the clutch secured and warm.  Our Oliver the architect continues to bring and add sticks and materials to strengthen the nest as well as giving Olivia an occasional break from egg duty.

On some of the nicer sunny days, I captured some shots of the pair coming and going from the nest.  I’ve also watched Olivia often take her breaks perched on Lipincott’s channel marker while Oliver assumes egg duty, all the while keeping his head up and an eye on Olivia.  Such a wonderful protective mate!

In some of the photos you can see Oliver and Olivia looking at each other.  They look so devoted!

Are you getting anxious to know how many eggs are in the clutch and how many chicks we will soon be watching grow?  I sure am and wish I could see into the nest so we would know the count.   The first egg was laid on April 3rd and should hatch the first or second week of May.   Soon we will be sighting tiny heads popping up to see their new world!  Stay tuned!

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