Oyster Cove Osprey Nest Update 3

A couple of days have passed, and we still are not really seeing any activity on our Oyster Cove osprey nest.  The gulls seem to enjoy it the most.  Our pair thought to be Oliver and Olivia have made residence on the new Osprey Point nest platform in Marshy Creek, either one or both seem to occupy it constant, as if to secure and protect it as their own.  Only once have I seen those two come to our nest yesterday at 6:40pm, one did a touchdown landing and then lifted off to join the other as they both went back towards Osprey Point.  I thought it kind of comical, as if it were a game.

The female osprey I mentioned I’ve seen off to my right perched on the Kent Narrows South Approach Light 3 marker has finally been joined by a male osprey.  They seem to enjoy perching together on Kent Narrows red marker 5 most of the time.  I had hoped to catch some close-up shots of them on our way out by boat on Friday but they weren’t there then.

Yes, we made it out on the water on Friday afternoon, the temps were unbelievably in the high 70’s and husband just had to spring launch the boat.  We were only able to venture just  south of our place and down towards the Miles River and into the Wye River, after we found going out that the GPS was not working properly.  I love the Wye River, it circles Wye Island NRMA which is protected by Maryland DNR and boasts constant wildlife.  We weren’t able to do the circle, but Friday was still no disappointment in just an hour of floating around and snapping.

Osprey - Wye River

Northern Gannet

Northern Gannet

Laughing Gull "Laughing!"

Laughing Gull

Laughing Gull

Laughing Gull

Bald Eagle

Bald Eagle

Bald Eagle

Bald Eagle

Surf Scoters

Male Surf Scoter

Common Loon



Flocks of everything were everywhere, it was awesome.  I still have photos I haven’t looked at….. 🙂

More osprey are arriving daily and several were about in the skies and nests along the waters.  As we returned from our ride and reentered the Kent Narrows channel, we came back past the osprey nest that is located at Kent Narrows Yacht Club and Marina.  Their nest is active every year and their osprey have returned.  On our way out, the pair were on their nest; but when we returned, they had moved to the the KN green marker #9 in the channel across from their nest.  A couple of kids were fishing below their nest.

Kent Narrows Yacht Club Osprey Nest

As we approached the osprey pair, they kept an eye on us over their shoulder.  In the background of the next photo is the Rt 50 bridge over Kent Narrows.   Kind of funny to see a tractor-trailer behind the osprey!


Osprey are really quite tolerant of us humans, and those that nest and perch along channel markers in our area usually will stay roosted and watch you as you pass by them.  Sometimes the younger ones will chatter a threat at you but they won’t attack.  These two just watched us as we slower cruised by them.  The male has the fish.




I could have posted ten times these photos, I got so many good ones.  They pose so nicely for you!  As we continued to the public ramp, the two osprey continued their perch unfazed.

Osprey on Kent Narrows Green Marker #9

At the boat ramp waiting for Rick to get the trailer, these two mallards came up to me pretty fast at the boat, they were obviously locals who are probably used to getting fed along all the restaurants, docks, and boaters along the Kent Narrows.  I know I disappointed them with no hand-outs.  I kept telling them, “sorry”!

Male Mallard

Female Mallard

Male Mallard

And this fella was perched at a tree right there as well.

Red-winged Blackbird

What a glorious couple hours of bird ops!  I hope you enjoyed seeing them through my lens, and as always thank you for stopping by!

30 thoughts on “Oyster Cove Osprey Nest Update 3

  1. Great photos, and of so many species that I have never seen before except in books! You’re making me wish for an extended vacation so that I could bring my kayak and camera Chesapeake Bay.

    I know that you’re dispappointed that Oliver and Olivia haven’t returned to their old nesting platform yet, but if they don’t, will some one clean the old nest off so that another pair will know the platform is available? Or would another pair take over the old nest?

    • The surf scoter was my first time seeing so that was a plus! You’d love kayaking the tributaries of Maryland’s Eastern Shore along the Chesapeake Bay, there so many cool creeks and inlets just where we live. I’ve been on your blog a few times reading your kayak information & expertise, we’ve been thinking about trying a couple rentals this summer to see if we like it & if our arms are strong enough for it. Worried though about carrying my camera on it. Do you take yours?

      On the left-over nesting materials, that is a great question QSP, I was thinking about that myself. Mother Nature may continue to wash it away & clean it up for us since most that is left now is a dirt-like mixture. I believe another osprey will take it over uncleaned but there may be some finicky ones these days, lol. If we don’t get an osprey pair that seems to have taken it over by mid-summer, I’m going to inquire with Blackwater NWR and CBEC to get their advice on whether we should have the platform completely cleaned off or not so to entice for next season.

      • I think you would love kayaking the bay. Since you live right on the water from the looks of things, you could start with very short trips and work your way up.

        Since you’re on the bay, they will probably have ocean kayaks for rent, and that’s probably what a sales person would try to sell you. They are very efficient, but not as stabile as a reacreational kayak, which are shorter and wider, but a little harder to paddle. If I were you, I would try both types which is easy if you can find rentals. I find my recreational kayak to be a stabile platform for photography, but I was raised on the water.

        I generally take my Canon Powershot point and shoot with me kayaking, and leave the Nikon safe at home. They sell dry bags in various sizes, but avoid the cheap ones that are prone to leaking! There are also hard cases that are waterproof, like Pelican brand cases. I’m thinking of buying one for my Nikon if I ever decide to bring it kayaking.

        If it were me, I wouldn’t do anything with the nesting platform until this fall, then I would clean it for next year, but that’s just my opinion.

        • Sorry for delay in responding, and thanks for the tips on kayaking! We have a place right around the corner where they sell and rent, but we haven’t ventured in yet. I’ve also wondered about those dry bags vs hard cases too. I guess best thing is to make sure insurance is up-to-date, lol. I most likely wouldn’t take my Nikon while trying out this new sport in early stages, but maybe take my canon powershot after couple tries, lol. It’d be scarey! 🙂

    • Thanks Tootlepedal, the surf scoters were a first sighting for me, I took maybe a dozen photos of them flying but the boat was bouncing some. I was glad I saw them though, they have pretty cool looking beaks!

    • Thank you Joleen so much for your nice comments, I had a blast shooting them! I was really tickled with the osprey close-ups, and there were several kinds of gulls flying everywhere so I got oodles of them, some I’m not sure what kind they were myself, lol.

  2. Great photos! The colors and feathers of the mallards are wonderful. One outing – oh my – what a thrill for you and a treat for me!! Thanks for sharing.

    • Those mallards really wanted to be my friend, I think I could have reached out and petted them, lol. Thanks for your comments Beth, it was a great outing on the water so early in the season!

  3. Fantastic set … I’d be jealous buy I live in photographers heaven down here in Florida … I really love the close up Osprey shots and the Scoters too. Great job! Tom

    • I am jealous of yours! Some day I hope to travel down your way and get the chance to see and photograph your huge variety of birds. Til then I am enjoying seeing them through your lens! 🙂

  4. I love your birds! Northern gannet like a needle in the sky. And that first eagle made my heart skip because the ivy covered scene looks just like Little Crum Creek (minus the eagle, of course!).

    • Thanks Scott! 🙂 I’ve seen a shot of something somewhere and had to do a double-take. Have you ever seen an eagle at LCC? Your area sounds great for a pair to reside.

      • No, I’ve never seen a bald eagle here. Our trickle of LCC does empty into a human-made lake before reaching the Delaware, but the eagles have much more plentiful ponds to fish. The nearby John Heinz Wildlife Refuge hosts a pair that just hatched a chick! And you never know when something might stop by for a visit, right?

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