More Of Autumn’s Splash of Color

Autumn’s splash of color has been slowly fizzling in our area.Β  Here’s a few more favorites from my recent outings.

DSC_1171-1 11118

Tuckahoe Creek State Park


DSC_1385-1 111218

Easton Point Landing, Tred Avon River


_DSC0123-1 111618

Blackwater NWR


_DSC0082-1 11718

Cambridge Creek


DSC_1382-2 111218

Easton Point Landing, Tred Avon River


“Autumn is a second Spring when every leaf is a flower.”
–Albert Camus



35 thoughts on “More Of Autumn’s Splash of Color

    • Thank you Brian! It’s quickly disappearing here too. And now our temps are falling….. 😦 Of course, that’s what’s suppose to do, but I still don’t like the cold.

  1. Then there always comes that ending to the seasons. I think I like the transition seasons the best, when I’m tired of too much sun or rain. What comes next in your neck of the woods? I once thought I’d enjoy the lack of real seasonal change, as in San Francisco, but turns out I liked the changing seasons… as long as they weren’t too hot or cold.

    We had a storm blow through here that pretty much wiped most of the leaves from the trees. Now it’s almost a green monotone from the evergreens.

    Hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving! ❀

    • I love the transitions the best as well. Our winters can get quite cold, evenings dipping into the teens. Areas will have rivers and creeks freeze over usually in January and/or February. Seems like we skipped fall temps and dipped into winter already!

      We went out of town and had a wonderful Thanksgiving on Friday with all the kids and grandkids together, it was awesome. I hope yours was wonderful too! ❀

      • Things here seem to warm up when we have rain. Before the rain we had some nights nudge close to freezing, but this past week has hardly moved the thermometer with day temps in 50s and nights in 40s. It sure makes the rain easier to take.

        We had a nice, quiet Thanksgiving just as we like it! With lots to be thankful for. We cooked the pigeon (aka Cornish Game Hen). Nice that yours was exactly as you wished!

    • Thank you Belinda! I found that BNWR canal perfect for sunsets. I posted a different shot a few posts back from further down that straightaway. So neat to find those unique spots! 😊

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