Green Heron Perched On A Dock Line

Stepping out, looking around and then down from my balcony, I spotted a delight.

Photo opportunities like this make for happy dances!   💃


DSC_9204-1 8919

Green Heron



The Green Heron is about the size of an American Crow.

In North America, the Green Heron is the smallest of the heron family.


DSC_9206-2 8919

Green Heron



Turning around ever so slowly……


DSC_9212-1 8919

Green Heron



….giving me the hint a launch was forthcoming.


DSC_9214-1 8919

Green Heron


The past six weeks we’ve had several Green Herons fishing daily from the dock braces at the water’s edge around the creek.  One day, I could count five in my view.

Which means…..more of my favorites of the striking Green Heron to come.  🙂



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