Herons – Great Blue & Little Blue


A Great Blue Heron arrived to fish alongside a Little Blue Heron.


DSC_6202-1 1120.jpg

Silhouetted size comparison

Great Blue Heron (background), Little Blue Heron (foreground)


As I walked slowly down the trail to the left, both herons began walking to my right, just as I had hoped, continuing their fishing.

Here’s my favorite shot of each heron once I got positioned between the sunlight and them.


DSC_6211-1 1120

Great Blue Heron


DSC_6206-1 1120

Little Blue Heron


— Photos taken at Everglades NP, Gulf Coast



28 thoughts on “Herons – Great Blue & Little Blue

  1. Great shots! Seems like you have a beautiful, bright day in Florida. Take care, my friend. πŸ™‚

    • Thank you, Eliza, I agree with you on Little Blue. I was happy I could get him in the light better to show its subtle coloring, I’ve not seen many Little Blues over the years myself. I ‘scored’ on this one, yay!

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