Lake Michigan’s Rocky Coastline


A peak at some of Lake Michigan’s rocky coastline, where fossil-collecting is a favorite hobby for many.  I got into the hunt and found a few interesting pieces.


DSC_3237-1 83020


DSC_3406-1 9220




DSC_3415-1 9220


DSC_3439-1 9220


38 thoughts on “Lake Michigan’s Rocky Coastline

    • We had half good/half so-so days. No tidal water, and yes they’re growing out there. The one tree photo I started to title “All Alone”. 🙂 If you’ve heard of the Great Lakes (five of them), this is one of those lakes.

      • Yes, every (well, most) schoolchildren in the UK have heard of the Great Lakes. They must be pretty big. (We think Lac Léman / Geneva is big at 50 miles long and 6 wide at its widest, but that must be just a drop in the ocean (or Great Lake in this case) to you. 😊

    • I started to take photos, but they’re not exciting, looks like petrified coral pieces. There are envied fossilized “Petoskey Stones” that everyone looks for, I didn’t get lucky. There are washed-up stones everywhere daily, it was mind-boggling, lol. People were very into the hunting, like you/I are used to at the beach with shells. I should have started hunting in the beginning of our stay. 🙂

    • We were taken back with the color too, we had no idea. I’m guessing around the big cities like Chicago and at the ‘bottom’ southern area of this lake, it’s not so blue. Our trekking along the coastline to find remote spots to get to the water was part of our adventure each day. 🙂

    • The water was stunning! We wanted to take a ferry out over it, but didn’t due to covid (although the ferries was running). Air temps were 60-70 degrees, most the time it was windy too.

    • Thank you, Sue! The lake is gorgeous! I actually can’t remember where some of the locations were that I took these, but they were in a 100 mile stretch of coastline somewhere. We did day trips in different directions for about a week. 🙂

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