Oyster Cove Osprey Fledgings Enjoying Their License to Fly

Wow, what a big difference in just a matter of a week!  Not only have our two osprey chicks fledged, but they are out and about much more, and you don’t see them on the nest as often.  I’ve not been able to get many photos,  but I’ve watched the fun they are having when they are around.   They are flying further from the nest as they experience the bigger world, and I’m sure mom Olivia is with them, keeping her eye on them and teaching.

On Saturday I watched Olivia chase one of her youngsters to practice maneuvering and ‘get-away’ from a chase.  Olivia was not near as fierce as she is when there’s an intruder, she was slower and chirping as she chased him.  When done, Olivia flew up to her youngster and they climbed high and spiraled down slowly.  What a beautiful sighting!  I’ve also seen one chick actually dunk down into the water and pull back up and out.  It looked a bit tough but he/she made it!  In no time, the chicks will be learning to dive and snag a fish for their own consumption.  In the meantime, good ole dad Oliver is still bringing home the meals, sometimes just passing off the fish to the awaiting chick; or if Olivia and both chicks are there, he passes it to her and she will feed them together.  (No sibling rivalry then!)  In addition, the nest continues to get maintenance repairs from both parents.

Some photos of our fledgings!  Here’s a chick landing for a brief visit to home base…

Olivia and her kids together….

The following chick was enjoying circling the nest and flew unexpectedly up and past me on my left.

If you’re in the community, you just have to come past the nest and sit awhile on the grass or at the picnic table.  If the chicks are on the nest, they will most likely fly about and you can watch their twist and turns while they get use to the thrill of soaring.  Sometimes they can be really funny!

As I kept an eye out for a sighting of one of our osprey, I captured a few other shots.  There is ALWAYS something happening!

I’ve been working on those hummingbird shots…  They aren’t so easy….

We do have intense heat and humidity coming our way this week, so hopefully our chicks will be dunking in the water in order to keep cool through it.  Everyone also be safe with the heat too!

One thought on “Oyster Cove Osprey Fledgings Enjoying Their License to Fly

  1. Fantastic Donna! We are actually wondering about our Osprey here on the Eastern Bay. At one point they seemed very concerned with and focused on something in their nest, which I thought were their hatchlings – maybe in May or June. Since then, nothing. Last year by July they had a whole brood like your nest does! Something fishy this year. Can’t help but feel a little heartbroken for them!

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